3:46 AM

I pushed you away. I pushed you away with my indifference. You got sick of it. You just did. Tomorrow, you’ll be gone.

I never meant to absorb all the negativity in this world and blame it all on you. I never meant to love so deep that you cannot reach me and pull me back to your arms. I never meant to be such a crybaby, crying over words I said… over words I did not say back.

I know that tomorrow, you’ll be gone. You will blame me for one sleepless night. I will thank you for one.

I know that tomorrow, you’ll be gone. And I’ll stay forever this way.

I never meant to be this girl, war.
You always tell me what kind of girl I should be. You did not know that all I wanted was to be the woman you dream of. I will always be this girl to you.

Later, when we wake up, let’s also wake up from this dream that we have. Let us realize that this is not a fairytale… that we would not look at each other with eyes full of love all the time. We would look at each other sometimes and see the demons that we kept to ourselves for so long. We would look at each other and see exhaustion hidden behind false smiles.

I will always love you. But let us wake up now. Let us sleep no more. Because there is no better feeling than the feeling of your warmth before everything else stops being cold as the sun comes up every morning.

I will always remember. I will always be here.